New Approved Exclusive Appointments

From our growing Asia Partnerships. All with design in support available.

sanyou relay SANYOU RELAY
One of the worlds leading electronic relay manufacturers with an annual output of 90 million pieces and growing. Join the growing number of discerning electronics designers by making Sanyou, your relay of choice.
Interquip Electronics company Interquip Electronics Company
One of the broadest quartz and Piezo ceramic device product lines in the industry. They cross refer very competitively to many ACT, Citizen, & Seiko products.
Princeton Technology Corporation Princeton Technology Corporation
Since its establishment in 1986, PTC has become a leader in Taiwan’s consumer IC market. Call us for details of many cost effective options available from this world class company.
ECE Excell ECE Excell
ECE Excell was established in 1981 and manufacture a range of DIP and Micro switches, Solid State and Reed relays.
E-Chin E-Chin
E-Chin research and develop 1 - 30 watt DC/DC Convertors in Taiwan and are happy to supply samples for approval. All products are able to meet RoHS, UL and CE standards.
Cixie Wanjie Cixie Wanjie
Founded in 1992, Cixie Wanjie specialise in the production of screw less, screw, pluggable, feed through and barrier type terminal blocks. With ISO,VDE and CE approval they have their own R&D, mould production, plastic injection departments and automatic assembly workshop.
Approved to ISO9001 and ISO14000, FORYARD employ over 200 staff and were formed in 1997. Supplying major manufacturers in Europe and the US, they manufacture the full range of LED lamps, numeric displays, dot matrixes and light bars. With highly skilled engineers, technicians, and trained assembly line workers they produce a first class product.
Yangzhou Yangjie Yangzhou Yangjie
Manufacturing Bridge Rectifiers and Diodes, Yangzhou Yangjie Electronics was formed in 2000 and have certification in ISO9001/ISO14000 and UL approval. They have three factories and 12 offices throughout Asia.
Kingmate Kingmate
Founded in 1998 in Taiwan, Kingmate produce high quality Board to Board connectors, FPC/FFC Connectors and wiring harnesses. Their quality program is based on ISO9001:2000 and ISO13485:2003. They offer direct equivalents to Tyco/Harwin, Molex, JST etc.
Tancap Tancap
This company specialises in SMD, Dipped and wet Tantalum Capacitors.
Sanco Sanco
Sanco are a leading manufacturer specialising in all kinds of acoustic components. These include SMD, Magnetic Piezo, Mechanical Buzzers, Piezo ceramic Elements, speakers and receivers. Together with ISO9001 approval they have a production facility of up to 5 million pieces per month.
Fuan-Tronics Fuan-Tronics
Established in 1986 and located in Renhu, a small town in the Anhui province of China, Fuan-Tronics manufactures encapsulated transformers, inductors, ferrite and Amrosphus cores. With their main business in Europe and Asia they obtained ISO9001:2001 in 2004, Samsung, Honeywell and Sony are just three of the major names they supply, and they have a total output of 3 million units per month.
Coilmaster Coilmaster
Coilmaster was founded in 1995, with a Head office in Taiwan and a manufacturing plant in the Guangdong area of China. They produce SMD Power inductors, Common Mode Chokes, Chip Inductors, Lan Magnetic and EMI Filters.